Values are difficult to define, but very obvious in the way they influence our behaviour. We know what our actual values in practice really are by the way we live and by the things we give our time to.  These are our operational values - they are the values we put into practice and which are seen to be operating in our lives.  

But there are also things that we value which we are not very good at doing yet. You could call these our aspirational values - they are the values we want to have more of in our life and do more of. They are the values that we aspire to - but which are not yet rooted or embedded into our lives.

As a visitor to our church you will feel the effect of some of our values and hopefully be blessed for being around us.  You will also hear a lot about our values as we speak about them and encourage each other to live them out. You will probably have an opinion about how well we do what we say is important to us and hopefully you won’t find us to be hypocrites,  but you will find that we are always seeking to grow and to change.  The Bible calls this ‘being transformed’.

We have summarised the values which are important to us as a church into 10 key aspirations or intentions which we are seeking to live by.  The words and sentences written above are our attempt to give you a window into the type of church family we want to be and the sort of truths and behaviours we want more of.

We are on a journey. These words above are our attempt to be accountable to principles which call us higher.  But ultimately we want to be accountable to a person - to Jesus. He is not a principle, He is the Prince from whom all true principles find their source. He is the Prince of Peace, and knowing Him intimately brings the lasting peace we are all craving for.  

Temple of Passionate Prayer and Praise

where celebrating Gods goodness and inviting

Gods help is a priority and a necessity.

Sanctuary of God's Presence

where God is welcomed and honoured and

lingering in His company is a practice we nurture

Well of Living Water Refreshment

where God's Spirit is recieved, thirst is quenched

and His power is a promise we depend on.

Life Boat of Second Chances

where new starts are possible, and being saved

from sin and controlling habits is something to

shout about.

Extended Family of Faithful relationships

where oneanothering oneanother is the result

of love and honour in action.

Hearth of Passionate Peer Led Discipleship

where the fire of love for Jesus is fed, the Bible taught

and read; and God's voice obeyed using a coaching

model which motivates us to action.

Outpost of God's Good Kingdom

where the super and natural healing of body and soul is taught and

believed for and applied with courage and compassion and where

practical expressions of community kiindness are commonplace.

Storehouse of Heaven's Provision

where those in need are provided for and

Helped to provide for themselves

Hothouse of Life Purpose Fulfillment

where encouragement and empowerment is a weekly practice

and calling the greatness out of each other is an expression of

honour and generosity of spirit.

Vineyard of Growth and Propogation

where new communities are planned for

because they are in God's plan.