We believe that God is good and He does stuff.  The best stuff He has ever done is revealing Himself in human form.   Think about it - If He exists and He is good, it makes sense that He would reveal Himself  in the way that we would best understand.

The Bible tells us that God became a man - entering our time stream 2000 years ago in the form of Jesus Christ and revealing what God is like by loving people, healing people, forgiving people, dying in the place of people and coming back to life as the the supernatural demonstration that what He said was true.

We believe that these ideas about God are more than ideas.  We believe that they are proven in time, in history, in written sources and passed on through word of mouth tradition.  

We believe that God is explained to us in the Bible in the language of a community of love who existed beyond created matter and before created matter and who formed the unviverse as an explosive expression of that love.

We believe that God is more than an idea, we believe that God is love and that this love is to be experienced and to experience this love is to be changed for the better.

We believe that God is revealed to us in the language of a Father who cares and protects, in the language of a Son who perfectly represents His Fathers charater and will, and in the form of a Spirit, or Divine energy who is personal and who makes God a real experience to those who want to know Him.  

The rest of what we believe and know is written below in more ancient language.

We hold to the Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith  

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"God is good and He does stuff!"


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